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Beautiful women and great services. I am very impressed.
- J. Jones, Singapore

The escorts arrived punctually, and their services are splendid. 5 stars!
-K.C Liew, K. Lumpur

I am actually quite shy at first, but the escorts were very friendly and we had fun all night long
– Stanley, K.Lumpur.

This would be my 8th time calling through Dynasty, I think I’m their loyal customer now.
–Mr. Li, Guangdong China.

Fast and punctual delivery, efficient, quality pretty girls, good service on call and in bed
- Bryan, Australia

The ladies are gorgeous. The moment they arrived at the door, I nearly fainted.
– Nam, Selangor.

I like my ladies with big cushions you know what I mean and got em’ really big.
–Steve, Long Island, USA.

The escorts can dress really well, sexy and all of that. Classy stuff.
– Phil, Canada.

Sexy as hell, and very friendly, definitely the best I had in Malaysia.
– Wes, Denmark

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