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Malaysia Escorts FAQs


1. What is Scarlet Dynastyís mode of operation?
We will send escorts directly to customerís required destination, covering mostly areas among and within the scope of Klang Valley or KL.

2. How can customers make an arrangement?
Just call us at +6012-3535899 anytime and anywhere 24 hours a day. Our receptionists will entertain and arrange your requests.

3. How long will it take for the escorts to arrive?
With good traffic conditions, an estimated 30-45 minutes to the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and probably 45-60 minutes is required if destination is outside the heart of Kuala Lumpur. In cases of bad traffic, which is normally common in the city, the time of arrival will relatively be longer.

4. Which are the most sought after and highest recommended girls?
Normally, our Shanghai model escorts or the VIP models category bears the highest of recommendations due to service quality, and et cetera. These models and VIP models are part-time models and we even have their portfolio with us. But then, you may just like our other selections. This is quite subjective when speaking of the most sought after ones.

5. Do they have their regular medical check upís?
Yes, the escorts are safe and clean hygienically, it is our priority to serve problem-free escorts.

6. Do you have any escorts of lower standards?
No low standards here, only the best of standards with Scarlet Dynasty Escorts Malaysia.

7. How do you rate your quality?
With strong competition in the escorts industry, Scarlet Dynasty Escorts Malaysia stands among the top few among the circle, at least 9 out of 10 indefinitely.

8. Do you have your own girls? How many girls do you have?
Yes we do. We have a good range of 200-300 young, vibrant good looking fresh girls with most importantly, great skills.

9. Are you able to provide top quality girls and services?
Girls like part-time models can be arranged but of course, top quality comes with a higher cost.

10. Are foreign currencies accepted here?
Yes, we accept most common currencies transacted internationally.

11. Can you send customers the photos of your escorts?
No. We do not want these photos to fall on the wrong hands and bearing risks to both our escorts and clientele. Our VIP clientele and escorts wishes to be discreet and all are handled with top confidentiality.

12. Can I bring the escort out for entertainment or maybe dinner?
Yes. You may bring them out to some night entertainment outlets.

13. Do you accept credit cards?
Only cash transactions are entertained.

14. If I choose to spend longer hours with an escort, am I entitled for a discount?
Yes, a discounted rate will be given if you spend a night with our escorts, as compared to the normal hourly charges.

15. How am I sure Iíll be meeting a nice escort?
During the call, we will take down your requirements of your escort, and we will match to your requirements. So, itís always better to give notice at least an hour beforehand. We shall provide the best to serve customers as we hope to encourage customers to return to us in future.

16. What is an advanced reservation?
Advanced reservation is to reserve the girls you requested for, so we can reserve our best girls for you in advance while fulfill your requirements.

17. Who will provide the condoms?
The girls will provide the condoms. Safe sex is always practiced while cleanliness and hygiene is also a priority. We provide a strict guideline of standards of cleanliness and safety to the satisfaction of customers.

18. How do I request for the same escort I once had the next time I call?
If you wish to have a particular Shanghai escort's services again or to recommend to your friends, the best way is to get her name.

19. For 1 hour session will the escort stay for the entire hour?

Not necessarily. A common misunderstanding of the 1 hour session is that customers expect the escort to stay the entire hour. In actual, the payment made is for the 1st ejaculation and the 1 hour is the time limit allowed to achieve ejaculation. Once the customer ejaculates, the escortís services is considered complete. Sometimes, the customer may request the girl to stay a little longer but second rounds are not allowed. If you wish to have more time with the girl the best way is to spend some time with her before proceeding to a session or either book her for a longer period.

20. Is it allowed to book more than one escort at a time?
Yes, it is allowed. There is no limit to the number of escorts you can book at a time.

21. Can I and how to extend my appointment time?
Of course you can, all you need to do is to inform us.

22. How do you distinguish yourselves and other escort agencies in Malaysia?
- We have a wide portfolio of quality escorts
- You can be sure of our quality and quantity
- By being transparent and therefore stating our rates clearly

23. Why is my question not answered here?
Just contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.